At St Peter’s Nursery, we believe that children learn best through collaborative play with their peers, as well as with adults. For the first half of our session, the children can choose to play with a variety of activities which have been set out to encourage their cognitive abilities to develop. Freeplay allows the children freedom to experiment and explore; there is no “right” or “wrong” way. Our “Focus Activities” are explicit “lessons”, allowing the adult to explain a new concept before the children learn hands on; for instance for a maths activity, the children will gather on the mat and our practitioners will show them a set of 3D shapes, telling them the names. The children can then go off on a “treasure hunt” and bring back objects from around the nursery that are either spheres, cubes or cuboids. Regular circle times ensure that all children’s voices are heard and opinions shared.

We all help tidy the classroom and lie down to relax to soothing music, before tucking into a healthy snack of fresh fruit, crackers and milk. Older children then visit Ladbroke Square Gardens for fresh air and exercise, while the little ones can play in our private courtyard. On Tuesday morning, all children have a Teddy Tennis session, conducted in our airy hall upstairs, while yoga sessions are held on Thursday mornings in the classrooms. On Wednesdays we visit Forest School for the whole morning!

The session ends at noon for our littlest ones (Caterpillar Group) and 12.15 for the older children (Butterflies). Butterfly children can stay until 3.00pm and enjoy extra curricular activities, such as more cookery, art and phonics sessions. Please note, we can only offer this extended day to children who have dropped their naps, as we do not have sleeping facilities at the nursery.