My goodness, this term has seen us open our doors to lots of old and new faces! We welcomed our children back to St Peter’s on 24 April and we were so happy to see each other again. We were also delighted to have some of their siblings join us too, taking their first steps along their learning journey.

Within two days, we greeted more visitors - Ofsted came to reinspect us! We will post their findings soon, so please watch this space…

The following week, we opened our doors to prospective parents; we enjoyed showing them around the nursery, introducing them to our happy band of children and teachers. It was lovely to make some new acquaintances and hopefully, our paths will cross again soon. A healthy amount of registrations were taken for 2020, and a few last minute spots for September were snapped up.

Having said so many happy hellos, we are also preparing for our fond farewells to our little ones who are ready to start reception in September. We know they will settle quickly in their new schools as they are confident, chatty little souls who are showing a thirst for new knowledge. We will be sad to say goodbye to them, but know in our hearts that they will enjoy every part of the stage of their schooling.