We take care to build open relationships with our parents and always take on board their comments and suggestions, to keep St Peter’s fresh, vibrant and relevant to their children’s needs and interests. Casual chats at the door often highlight a different viewpoint that can lead to a change in our practice or the introduction of a new activity. We have two parent representatives who sit on our Nursery Management Committee and convey the thoughts and concerns parents may have, and we work together to implement new ideas and resolve any issues. In addition, regular, anonymous questionnaires also give us a clear indication of what parents, like and dislike about St Peter’s, along with any ideas they may have of how to improve. We encourage parents to include their children’s views too on these forms - what a wonderful way to introduce democracy to our little ones!

But some of the most heartwarming comments come unsolicited and I include a small selection of these below…

“The St Peter’s Nursery staff and Head are very friendly, warm and caring.”

“I felt so happy to see that my son was in the best hands we could hope for.”

“Only a week has passed, but we miss your wonderful school and kind and caring staff.”

“Many thanks for all you did to shape our son. As always, we are proud to be a part of the St Peter’s Nursery family.”

“My daughter runs into nursery! She keeps singing all day long after a morning there.”

We are so grateful our parents take the time to put their thoughts in writing and it is reassuring to realise we are providing a worthwhile service for our families.