I like to think of St Peter’s Nursery as being my other home - and hope that you will consider 59a Portobello Road as yours too!

We are a warm little nursery with caring teachers who have a wealth of experience and training behind them. As a mother myself, I know how important it is to choose the right nursery for your child and safety is foremost in our minds. Here at St Peter’s, all our fully qualified practitioners have undergone rigorous checks to ensure they are suitable for the enormous responsibility of looking after your little one. I am proud to say that in spite of their long working hours, all members of staff are diligent in continuing their professional development through regular training. In the past three months, we have all updated our qualifications in the fields of Paediatric First Aid; Safeguarding Children and Child Protection; Food Hygiene; Online Safety, and Prevent Duty. This is in addition to more specialist training in Makaton, supporting children with SEND, Forest School, etc. Every day is a learning day at St Peter’s, for both children and adults!

We are honoured to have your children with us and aim to make their days here full of joy. We want to create happy memories for them and start their school careers in a positive way; nursery is the thin end of the academic wedge and we have to get this right first time. But we also need your support at this crucial stage in your child’s development and we welcome your comments, observations and ideas to help us build a bigger picture of your child; we want to know their interests, what they are good at and what they need a little bit of help with. Of course we learn more about your little one day by day, but home visits, our Stay and Play sessions, “All About Me” forms and regular meetings with you at Nursery, ensure we really get to know your child. We send pictures and observations to you on a regular basis via the educational app, Blossom, and invite you to send your thoughts and photographs back to us in return. Modern technology is at our fingertips these days and we really make the most of this medium.

However, you cannot beat a good old face-to-face chat and our Open Door Policy means you can always approach us at any time for an informal discussion; I am always on the door to meet and greet at the start of the session, so you can have a quick word there and then. Alternatively, you are welcome to come into the kitchen for a cup of tea and a quick on-the-hoof meeting, or we can make an appointment if you need to discuss weightier issues. As a matter of course, our practitioners will meet with you within the first six weeks of starting at St Peter’s, to ensure all is well and you and your little one are adjusting well to the new routine. Termly meetings occur thereafter to discuss your child’s progress and an end of year report is generated for every child. We assess all children with regard to the Early Years Foundation Stage Learning Outcomes, (please click here) so that we can keep an eye on their developmental progress. This also guides us when planning activities for the children, so that each one is challenged and attainment gaps are kept to a minimum.

It is all very well reading this, but to get a better idea of what we do at St Peter’s, please call me to arrange a time to visit us. We look forward to welcoming you to our family home!

Tracey Lloyd BA (Early Years)

Head of Nursery